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Victoria’s Vital Information 12-5-2018 :)

Important upcoming times & dates to remember:

1) Salvation Army 12/6 from 6-7 pending confirmation.
2) Christmas parade 12/8. I’m assuming information at this point. I will go to the meeting on 12/6 at 6PM to gather information and will have it distributed by 8PM that night.  My assumption is lineup will be at 5PM on Lake Street and we will walk from Lake Street to Kroger’s.  This is only an assumption.  Confirmed information will go out on 12/6.
3) 12/11 Bears and Webelos will meet with Victoria to play catch up (Bears) and first aid (Webelos).
4) Christmas dinner 12/18 at 6:30. We will have a Santa and games.  We’re going to change it up a little and do a pasta dinner.  Sign-ups will go out next week.
5) Be sure you are on ScoutSend, Facebook, or Band to keep updated.  With the weather getting funky we need everyone in the loop as to if Scouts will be cancelled or not.
6) Bears must help with their Pinewood Derby cars for credit.  This was decided by the Scouts as part of their woodworking.
7) Pinewood Derby will be 2/16.  If weather forces us to cancel, then the make-up date is 2/23.  We will send out Derby info at the Christmas dinner.
? Blue Gold Dinner (AKA Scout’s Birthday) is scheduled for 2/26.

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